Evolan Pharma recruits new Regulatory Specialist

Evolan Pharma expands its Regulatory Department by recruiting a new Regulatory Specialist, Charlotte Lindberg. Charlotte has most recently worked as a Regulatory Specialist at GSK and started her new position 1/10 2013




Here you will find us:

Evolan Pharma AB


Box 120, Svärdvägen 19

182 12 Danderyd

Tfn. +46 8 544 960 30


In case of acute pharmaceutical related issues after office hours, please call LIF emergency telephone  at SOS Alarm at +46 8 4542149

Postion Name
Managing Director Anders Håkanson
Vice President Richard Karroum
Commercial Director Tommy Olin
Marketing Manager Ulrika Widenborg
Product Manager Jonas Blomqvist
Sales Manager Jan Gustafsson
Key Account Manager Andrea Astner
Key Account Manager Anneli Bjönness
CEO Sylvi Widforss
Logistics Monica Hawkins
Economy assistent Annika Linder
QPPV/Medical Doctor Steen Lindeqvist
Regulatory Manager Maria Freij
Regulatory Specialist Fredrik Engström
Regulatory Specialist Henrik Karlsson
Regulatory Specialist Nina Lindgren
Regulatory Specialist Charlotte Lindberg
Quality Assurance Jenny Breding

Work at Evolan

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Allgil, a new eye drop launched within the APOFRI Range

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