About us

Evolan Pharma AB is a Swedish Pharmaceutical Company with employees that brings extensive knowledge from the pharmaceutical area. Our competences are concentrated around Business development, Marketing and Sales of Pharmaceutical products. To ensure high quality and availability on our products we are partnering with a number of well-established producers and service providers. Evolan is a privately owned Swedish pharmaceutical company with operations in the other Nordic countries through subsidiaries and through sales representatives.

The company is experiencing strong growth, with many new products in the launch phase and in registration process.

APOFRI AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Evolan. Apofri provides non prescription pharmaceuticals sold through the following pharmacy chains: Apoteket AB, Lloyds Apotek and Kronans Apotek.

ABECE is a store brand concept for non prescription pharmaceuticals. Abece is owned by Evolan and Abece products are sold exclusively by Apotek Hjärtat.

What we do

Our staff has extensive industry experience with core competence in development, marketing and sale of medicines. To ensure quality and reliability of supply, we have active cooperation with a number of very reputable producers.

Modern Slavery Statement 2020
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