Here you can find Evolan’s latest sustainability report. The sustainability report allows our stakeholders to better understand how we look upon sustainability, what we do and what our plans look like going forward. The report is also an important tool for Evolan, to steer our sustainability work and to make sure that we are on track and deliver in a way that take into account financial, environmental and social developments.

Evolan is a member of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI) since 2017. The PSCI vision is to establish and promote responsible practices that will continuously improve ethics, labor, health, safety and environmentally sustainable outcomes for our supply chains within the pharmaceutical industry. This is done by bringing together members to define, implement, and champion responsible supply chain practices; fair and safe work places, responsible business practices, environmental sustainability and efficiency of resources, and improved supplier capability. This is outlined in The Principles of PSCI.

Modern Slavery Statement
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